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I became a passionate nutritionist in Berlin and made my dream come true. Therefore, I was willing to sacrifice my first career that I’ve studied for so long.

First, I became a graduate engineer and worked as an engineer for more than three years. After almost 10 years on the technical path, I discovered what I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life.

Today, I am a nutritionist in my own company Niaria – Health Consciousness. My goal with Niaria is to share my knowledge as a holistic nutritionist about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle with as many individuals as possible.

You want to not only perform at your best at work but also feel vital, energized, and be able to realize your dreams in your private life, don’t you? This is often difficult in a body with limited health. Most of my clients want to be able to do relatively normal everyday activities again, which were not possible before they changed their diet and lifestyle. They want to feel well in their own skin again and wear the clothes they like. Often this is associated with low self-esteem and negative thoughts, too. Starting with a healthy diet would be a smart step towards a healthier and happier life.

Thanks to my Vietnamese migration background and my travel experience abroad, I can bring a lot of culinary expertise with me that enriches my existence as a nutritionist. Vietnamese cuisine is considered a very healthy, light, and extraordinarily delicious cuisine anyway. Do I need to say more about this?