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“I help maintain your employees' happiness and productivity by healthy eating at work.”

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Do you want to reduce sick leave? Use untapped energy!

With impulses and team events I’ll come to the place where people spend most of their lifetime – their workplace. With the tips and strategies I share with your employees, they are equipped to best provide themselves with important nutrients and vital substances that can prevent potential diseases – thus existing energies serve more meaningful tasks. The purpose is to become more aware and efficient in every situation. Healthy eating at work is rewarding!

Get some inspirational nutritional insights from NIARIA’s impulses!

Boost your employees' team spirit and health with NIARIA’s team events!

Consciously, self-determined and with culinary enjoyment

For this reason, I want to advise your company: To sustainably boost your employees’ health consciousness while creating a better lifestyle. In NIARIA’s nutrition impulses and team events, they are inspired for self-care in an interactive playful way – not by wagging a finger, but by highlighting the power of food. Away from inactive towards active tasty food! This way, I want to invite your employees to see the bigger picture, so that everyone can discover his/her most appropriate individual diet. Your employees learn how to revitalize their physical and mental fitness with enjoyment and fun. Enable your employees not only access to valuable knowledge, but give them also a break from the everyday hustle and bustle by an entertaining and memorable experience – since laughing is healthy! 🙂
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Every day matters!

Health is only valued, once it is lost.“ – German proverb

Once in a while, some people need to be awakened to treat their bodies with more awareness. I equip your employees with the catalyst, the knowledge and above all, the motivation to pay the well-deserved attention to their health day by day. Easily digestible, sustainable and with a lot of joy, I share my knowledge and experiences with your employees. You and your employees are very welcome to join me on the project “Sparkling and fit up to old age“ and integrate it in your corporate health management.
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