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The English speaking holistic nutritionist and health coach for women.

It's time to build a healthy relationship with your body!

Have you had enough frustration with your body?

You’re a very successful woman in your job. But you feel like you have “failed” in regard to your diet or weight loss journey for quite some time already. If you haven’t yet made it to eat healthily on your own, you could use professional help.


On the one hand, you know that the way you feel in your body right now is not the best way you can feel, i.e. you don’t feel as you used to do or see your body changing although you eat the same food. But on the other hand, you just don’t have the time available to make your own research on healthy nutrition on top of your busy work schedule.


You travel a lot for work, you are on such a tight timetable, or you might even have a leading position and for once you would like to be taken off the lead and be guided instead. You’ve come to the right place if


  • you are a woman and a high achiever in your demanding job that requires a lot of brain and responsibility and thus you don’t have free time, energy, and motivation to research nutrition additionally
  • you are in a love-hate relationship with food and your body, i.e. because you’re overweight, you don’t feel well in your body and clothes anymore, breathe heavily when taking the stairs, or even suffer from joint pain
  • you are frustrated with chronic conditions such as problems in the digestive tract (e.g. bloating, diarrhea, constipation), fatigue, or recurring headache
  • you want to start a family or have female health conditions, e.g. painful menstruation, endometriosis, or PCOS
  • instead of trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way, you would love to become more conscious about nutrition & health and instead of aiming for “skinny”, you want to become healthy and strong and adapt it as a lifestyle
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Put an end to annoying calorie counting, strict meal plans, and outdated food pyramids

Have you tried different diets without sustainable results? Have you tried different apps to track your food in order to lose weight? Have you been working out and still don’t feel like you’re in your best body shape? Have you been on medication for some time? Why has it failed altogether?


I don’t promise to make you lose a certain number of kg in a specific period of time, this would be untrustworthy.


Instead, my mission is to make you feel healthier – while weight loss merely appears as a side effect – and be able to love your body again. NIARIA’s health coaching helps you if


  • you refuse the idea of being dependent on drugs continuously to feel kind of healthy
  • you are tired of counting calories or tracking every single food you eat for weight loss – especially with impersonal apps
  • you have already unsuccessfully tried innumerable restrictive diets (e.g. low or no carb) and meal plans which led to weight cycling and you no longer want a crash diet with frustrating yoyo-effect anymore
  • working out only doesn’t bring the results you desire for weight loss or to simply feel well in your body; you suspect that your diet plays a crucial role
  • you are overwhelmed by so much and even conflictive information on the internet about healthy nutrition; you’ve had enough of food pyramids or food trends and don’t want to waste time on them anymore, but instead you now want to be educated and guided by a trustworthy source and thus be empowered to take control of your health again, instead of continuing to be dependent on pills, calorie charts, or meal plans
Are you afraid of what awaits you in the future?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You know that there is more underneath and your mental health could be or is already being compromised.


You’re aware that if you don’t change anything, the future doesn’t look bright:


  • your social engagement is lessened let alone starting dating; your sexual life is affected/non-existent due to body shame
  • or you want to start a family one day but you’re afraid you’re not in the best health condition for a pregnancy
  • or you are afraid, in the future, you won’t be able to do physical activities with your beloved ones as you like, which makes you and/or them sad
  • or you want to be a role model for your beloved ones in the future or inspire them since you are worried about them suffering the same (or worse) health conditions as you
  • you are afraid once you have crossed a threshold, it becomes harder and harder for you to reclaim your health; you see severe lifestyle diseases in your family, e.g. diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, or consequences like immobility, which make you want to do everything in your power to spare your beloved ones the burden of taking care of you in the future
Wonder how it works?

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Are you a candidate for this health journey?

There is only little chance of success if we start off with false expectations. This is NOT the right place for you if


  • you are keen on counting calories
  • you want to measure your body fat percentage or kilograms on your scale obsessively
  • you want a huge weight loss within a short period of time, even if you gained it back shortly after (crash diet)
  • you exclusively want weight loss no matter which side effects it can have on your overall health
  • you want a pill to solve your problem(s) and are not willing to dedicate not even 5 hours per week to your health or change anything about the way you’ve lived until now
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Free your mind from health concerns – make room for joyful thoughts and feelings

I will guide you towards a health consciousness that your body will appreciate. You will relearn how it naturally feels when you’re having food that is beneficial for your body.


Your body will communicate with you and you will be able to listen to your body’s needs to bring it to a better health state.


  • you will eat according to your needs without starving, overeating, or feeling guilty
  • you won’t crave junk food as much as you do right now anymore
  • you will feel lighter and more energized, thus you will be more productive in your everyday life
  • you will experience how it feels in a healthy body and this alone already motivates you to maintain your new healthy lifestyle
  • you can feel a change in your body within the first 3 months and your beloved ones will soon notice your glow
  • as soon as you feel changes in your body and mind, you’ll be able to start more meaningful projects, which you couldn’t do until now
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Not just weight loss: Holistic health as key to feeling well in your body and loving it

Our goal is to be healthier and happier in every situation and I’m happy to coach you as a holistic nutritionist on your journey.


With my training as a holistic health coach in combination with my experiences with Vietnamese cuisine and lifestyle, you will learn how you can bring your physical and mental fitness to its best performance level while enjoying food and having fun during the process.


  • we will revive your intrinsic motivation so that you naturally want to continue living this new healthy lifestyle
  • we will work on your mindset so that you can enjoy eating food without feeling guilt or shame and can even love your body
  • you will be educated and provided with helpful tools and sufficient time to adapt to your new healthy lifestyle; it will become second nature and you won’t need to wrap your head around your diet all day long any more; the knowledge will stay with you for a lifetime
  • with plenty of food inspiration, you will enjoy the taste of healthy food and be thrilled to try more new foods
  • you love to explore more in order to improve your healthy lifestyle with regard to physical activities, relaxation techniques, stress management, mental health, and so much more
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With love, guidance, and motivation to self-care

I’m Linh, your English speaking holistic nutritionist and health coach in Berlin. I’m dedicated to your health as you’re dedicated to your job. This is what motivates me: I want to strengthen your health consciousness in the long term and thus help you achieve a better relationship toward food and your body.


You will be lovingly guided by me and at the same time instructed in self-care. And I do this without a raised index finger, but as your motivational coach, I’ll have a lot of interest and understanding for your life situation.


What I, as a holistic nutritionist, can do for you is not only help you understand your condition better and how the foods you choose might affect it, but I provide you with guidance and evidence-based information about the impact of food and nutrition on your health and well-being.


As your health coach, I will guide you toward healthy food choices while keeping it fun so that you can still enjoy the foods you’re eating.


  • with my own health history and path, I have compassion for you and your situation and know what it takes to reclaim your health
  • with my engineering background, I’m a problem-solver – not short-term, but long-term – and work in a structured way when it comes to putting content together and designing a program for your needs
  • as a native Berliner with Asian background and experiences abroad (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Portugal), I understand your cultural background better
  • my mission is to enable you to become independent by taking back control of your health, whilst re-establishing a love relationship with your body
  • I feel you: your pain is my pain and your victory is my victory. Let’s reduce the pain and celebrate more victories together!
Wonder how it works?

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It's time to build a healthy relationship with your body!

Prioritize your health over material goods and give yourself the chance to feel good in your body!

Want guidance and accountability?

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Still wondering, why you should see a nutritionist?
– FAQ –

  1. What is the benefit of seeing a nutritionist?
    • With a professional nutritionist, you will receive personally tailored nutritional advice and guidance that helps you with chronic conditions, food allergies or sensitivities, weight gain, self-image, and overall nutritional understanding.
  2. Do I really need a nutritionist?
    • If the food you eat has a major impact on your health condition, a nutritionist is able to help lessen the severity. With the help of a nutritionist, you can develop a healthy relationship with food. A good nutritionist will help you figure out what to eat and beyond that show you how to sustain a good relationship with your diet.
  3. Can a nutritionist help me lose weight?
    • If you've struggled with weight loss in the past, it's time to get some professional help. Many people find nutritional advice helpful for weight loss. Nutritionists can support you on your journey to optimal health, which can include help with weight loss, too. Based on your health status, your individual needs, and your current lifestyle, a nutritionist helps you with individually tailored consultations.
  4. How does a nutritionist help lose weight?
    • A nutritionist teaches you about healthy eating and helps you identify and correct unhealthy eating habits. They support you in your search for foods that you and your body love.
  5. Is going to a nutritionist worth it?
    • Seeing a nutritionist might be the best way to lose weight for most people. Many have tried different kinds of diets or have gone to the gym before until they realized that only with a change in diet, they could see positive results.