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Being bullied as an engineer made me become a holistic nutritionist & health coach

I’m Linh – an ex-engineer,  passionate nutritionist, and health coach.


I was bullied as the only female engineer in my department. Not only was I additionally bored by the tasks but I was also unsatisfied with the canteen food which wasn’t only not pleasurable with regard to taste, but now I know it aggravated my chronic health conditions on top of it.


I started taking my own food to the canteen. But still, I couldn’t get used to the idea of ​​doing a job until retirement where I didn’t only feel like an alien in an environment I couldn’t make myself fit in, plus by the end of the day, I didn’t know who I was adding value to.

Why did nobody tell me before?

I researched more and more about my health condition, went to many physicians, and tried various treatments. Some treatments eased the pain – but only temporarily. Nothing was promising for a sustainably healthy body.


But it wasn’t my fault that I did not know how to help myself. How could I possibly know, being raised in a culture, where band-aids are put on symptoms and the power of food is underestimated?


I was told all my life that whatever health condition plagues me, there will be a pill that solves it. But I was wrong. The real problem is that our educational system doesn’t provide us with the knowledge of how well nature has equipped us with natural medicine.

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But there was hope!

Only when I figured out that a diet change could help prevent my health conditions to reoccur, I saw hope for a pain-free future life. So, after my findings, I started to consult my ex-colleagues in the company.


But I sensed a rising interest in helping more people become healthier and happier, too. When I started my training as a nutritionist at “Akademie der Naturheilkunde“, I was as certain as ever before: I had to leave the engineering path in order to strike my new path as a nutritionist.


Now, I’m a passionate holistic nutritionist and health coach who loves what she does. And with my personal and professional experiences, I want to empower other women like you to regain their strength, too. This is your invitation to start your journey toward a healthier life.


Best, Linh
your holistic nutritionist & health coach

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It’s time to build a healthy relationship with your body!

“Sustainable self-care requires consciousness, prevention and particularly awareness of what our body attempts to tell us day by day.”