“The booklet that reveals you the SECRETS of a healthy ASIAN diet”

29 pages digital booklet as PDF 

cover Secrets of a healthy Asian diet

The modern lifestyle and its toll


The more one lives at the fast pace of the modern world with its diet, the more likely one suffers from health conditions.

Do you want to know why Asians are healthier than Western people? Then this is the booklet for you to get a better understanding of a healthy diet!

You will not only be introduced to what to eat but more importantly to how to eat to feel healthier in your body.

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Why are Asians healthier than people with a Western diet?

When you think of traditional Asian people, you will easily be able to picture them still doing physical activities in old age, won’t you?

 In Asia, food and meal time are sacred. Asian people don’t only eat different foods, but they eat food in different manners.

 If you understand how differently food and meals are treated in Asia, you will be given the opportunity to improve your relationship with food and your body.

“Secrets of a Healthy Asian Diet” digital booklet

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About the author

I’m Linh, born and raised in a Vietnamese family in Berlin. It goes without saying that I was very blessed not only to be fed delicious Vietnamese food since childhood but also to have taken part in the preparation of the food.

 This way, and also since I learned how people around me use to eat, I could spot quite some remarkable differences that I’ve put together in this booklet for you.

Stop wondering.
Start learning.
See the change.

With the help of the “Secrets of a Healthy Asian Diet” booklet, you can make your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Start today!

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