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mental health

Today, I would like to tell you something about my everyday work as a nutritionist. Many clients come to me with a request and often do not even know that there are one or two other physical “construction sites” that would like to be looked at. For example, if you have regular bowel movements every day, you don’t necessarily realize that something is wrong with your digestive tract. Other customers consulted so-called experts who recommended overpriced dietary supplements that didn’t do as much as they promised. Still, others suffered so much from their physical condition that it also affected them mentally.

Just as physical suffering can be reflected mentally, the body can also draw attention to itself when, for example, you are faced with important life decisions and do not know where your head is at. So I was once about to give up my nutrition consultancy – which I was and still am passionate about – out of necessity and go back to work as an employee for the sake of “sanity”. But my body put obstacles in my way: I was tied to my bed for two entire weeks and wasn’t able to move for another three months without pain.

That was a particularly loud cry for help from my body!

And so I realized once again that being a self-employed nutritionist is the right path for me. Above all, it always moves me when my customers tell me about health successes and thus not only lead a healthier but also happier life since they saw me: no more recurring headaches, no more eczema, no more cysts, less belly fat, no tiredness in the afternoon anymore, a fulfilled pregnancy and much more. This is what motivates me, this is the reason why I get up and enjoy working every day!

How would it be for you if you had to deal with fewer health problems in your mind and had your head free from unnecessary sorrows but space for so many other beautiful things in life?

Imagine what you could do in that case! I wish for you to find a way to a healthier and happier life, too.