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feast Festtagsessen

You are probably familiar with the sensation after feasts. Did you eat more than usual? Have you “sinned”? And do you feel bad about it afterward? Once, we broke down with our van, which we have been traveling with for a while. Bad enough we had to spend money on the van repair and as a matter of fact, we lost some time, but it happened during the Easter holidays, so we had to wait for spare parts over the holidays and stay at a place we didn’t choose. So, we tried to make it as comfortable as possible for us. In concrete terms, this means that we allowed ourselves soul food in the form of cheesecake and ice cream – and not just once. And is that bad? No, not at all. You shouldn’t feel bad if you eat soul food from time to time. You should feel good during the whole project of eating healthy. Because if you mentally stress yourself too much, healthy eating won’t do you as much as it actually could. As is well known, mental health also plays a significant role if you look at health holistically. Especially, when socializing you do something good for your soul with supposedly unhealthy food. That’s why a piece of cake or a glass of wine with friends is ok from time to time. So, don’t worry: You can have a healthy diet and don’t have to give up your cheesecake or glass of wine entirely.