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What is a change in diet good for if you don’t stick with it in the long run? Exactly – absolutely nothing. So-called short-term or crash diets may work in the short term, but you won’t gain much from them in the long run. They only aim for weight loss and less for general health – and with potential side effects and yoyo effect. However, it makes more sense to aim for a sustainable, long-term change, right [first name]? And does it work if you approach it very dogmatically? I doubt it. Because your willpower is like a muscle and it needs to rest every now and then in order to keep going. For example, if you forbid yourself this or that forever, there is a greater risk that at some point you will throw everything overboard and give up. We want to avoid that as much as possible, don’t we?

“You absolutely don’t have to give up soul food.

Everyone has their so-called “soul food” that they find difficult and reluctant to do without. You don’t have to. Don’t see a change in diet as a restriction, but rather an extension of your current daily range of foods. Stay curious, try new things, and be creative when combining them. And you can also eat your soul food consciously with no bad feelings.