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According to the Bible, Jesus was fasting for 40 days. Wow, pretty incredible, as I think! Well, my Christian family did luckily not practice fasting exactly the same way. Instead, my parents wanted us to have meat-free Fridays between Ash Wednesday and Easter. And today, they still remind me every Ash Wednesday to abstain from meat on Fridays. I always have to smile slightly because on the one hand I am no longer Christian and on the other hand, meat consumption is not an everyday affair with me for a long time already. I thought back then when I had already moved out of my parents’ place:

“Why not give up something other than meat once a week?”

So, I started to avoid sugary foods like chocolate, biscuits, gummy bears, candy bars, ice cream, cakes, muffins, and snacks like chips, etc. every day during the annual fasting period. On the one hand, I realized how often I reached for a snack that I actually didn’t need, and on the other hand, how many temptations there are in everyday life. It’s one thing not to buy all those things yourself anymore. But it does require certain discipline and willpower, even with the tastiest cakes offered at various social events, to say “No, thanks!”.

After the fasting period, when I started snacking on sweets again during the Easter holidays, it was usually too sweet for me. I felt this more and more from year to year so I also significantly reduced my sugar consumption beyond the fasting period. My body was coming back to its natural state more and more.

Would you like to eat less sugar and feel your natural taste buds again, too?