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The famous food coma – I’m sure you know that too. When I was still working as an engineer, not only was the canteen food not exactly the best in terms of taste, it was also not the best choice in terms of health, which I observed in my and my colleagues’ daily food coma. Many tried to fight the tiredness that had become normal after lunch with several cups of coffee – but this state of tiredness does not have to be accepted as “normal”. In addition, it quickly became a habit to have a candy bar or gummy bears each afternoon. And the food coma was only a short-term effect of the daily eating habits that had been cultivated up until then.

It was then no longer a surprise to me why many of my colleagues had to struggle with long-term consequences in the form of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heartburn, high cholesterol levels, gout, etc.

So I started taking the food I prepared myself to the canteen every day, which aroused the curiosity of my colleagues. At the same time, I had chronic health conditions myself (as you might recall from my previous mail), which I was able to avert with thorough literature research and the resulting change in diet. I was then asked by my employer if I wanted to give workshops on healthy eating – I didn’t hesitate for long. While some of my colleagues were very skeptical at the beginning of the workshop, by the end they were so incredibly thankful for the insights I gave them on how to eat healthy. However, I was so touched by the feedback that one thing became crystal clear to me:

“I want to pass this helpful knowledge on to
as many people as possible.

So, I didn’t hesitate a moment and gave up my career as an engineer. Do I regret trading my engineer salary for a self-determined, meaningful job? Not at all! Now, I don’t only know I create value in another person’s life with what I do, but I’m also happier and thus healthier myself and have the freedom to work on anything I want and from anywhere I want.

Have you ever tried to get rid of chronic complaints yourself?

As a child, I wanted to become a doctor to relieve the suffering of sick people (to be more precise: sick children). Today, as a nutritionist, I help my clients mostly in a preventative way. The question is: Why is healthy nutrition not taught in school? The deeper I delved into the matter, the more frightening I found that people often try to use remedies to combat their symptoms, which may temporarily alleviate them, but in the long run, may even cause more damage. And you certainly haven’t tackled the problem by the cause, but only scratched the surface.

I have put together content in my coaching offers that not only scratches the surface but is based on in-depth knowledge. In doing so, I have incorporated my own painful medical history, my extensive studies, and my many years of customer experience. I not only pass on recommendations but above all knowledge and useful tools in an appealing way so that you can steer into a healthy life with joy and ease. I’ve saved you years of research and now I’m making the result available to you.