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Let me guide your food journey!

I’m Linh – an engineer, German teacher and passionate nutritionist.

The renowned physician, philosopher and theologian Albert Schweitzer once taught: “To set a good example is not only the best way to impact others, but it is the only one.“ My surprising career from engineer to a nutrition expert began in Berlin, the city I was born. After studying process engineering in Hamburg and Valladolid (Spain) and working as an engineer in the automotive industry, I sensed a rising interest in helping people becoming healthier and happier. Now, I’m a passionate and happy health and food culture ambassador 🙂

Interests combined = life’s calling identified

In the course of my studies, I started to spend my free-time dancing, mountain-biking and above all bouldering. This way, I gradually shifted my attention to body consciousness. Furthermore, I began experimenting in the international cuisine. Especially the Vietnamese and Italian cuisine formed my multicultural experiences. When I started my in-service training as nutritionist at “Akademie der Naturheilkunde“, my gut feeling was confirmed: I had to leave the engineering path in order to strike my new path as a nutritionist.
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Embark on a journey with me to discover your body’s new potential!
During my first sabbatical in Italy I completed my training as nutritionist. I came back with ample power, energy and motivation. My second sabbatical in Brazil additionally enriched my cultural and culinary repertoire to a significant extent, while I became a German teacher. With the wonderful insights and expertise along my path, I invite you to embark and become part of this exciting journey toward inspiration.

Health and food culture ambassador



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“Sustainable self-care requires consciousness, prevention and particularly awareness of what our body attempts to tell us day by day.”