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“Thank you very much for the great, nice and, above all, individual health consultancy. Linh is a very open, loving and compentent consultant. She helped me a lot to be more conscious about food and to implement this in my everday life. The support was very intensive and personal. With her I learned which foods suit me or do me better. As a result, my health complaints have changed significantly. I can recommend her 100%. It was a great experience because she took me very seriously and took great care of me.”


“Not only do I know eat healthier, but I also save money with homemade healthy food. My habits in the supermarket have changed, too: It’s no longer difficult for me not to put the tempting unhealthy products in my shopping cart. Now, I can see what I wasn’t able to see before. I realize I don’t want to eat unhealthy food anymore not only to lose weight but also because I know how this is detrimental to my health on different levels. Plus, I want to be a role model for my kids. The coaching was eye-opening for me.”

The decision is yours. I firmly believe that my coaching is the key to a life-changing journey. Book now and experience the transformation you deserve!

english speaking nutritionist and holistic health coaching Linh Le Niaria with apple

I’m Linh,

born and raised in a Vietnamese family in Berlin. After my initial career as an engineer, I sensed a rising call to help people becoming healthier and happier.

Growing up with Vietnamese food since childhood and observing people around me struggling with health conditions while eating and living according to the Western lifestyle, I could spot some remarkable differences. I firmly believe that health is in our hands and I’m happy to provide you with the tools to access the resources at your hand.