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Why should you offer nutrition workshops for your employees and why with these elementary subjects?

In order to have healthy employees in your company throughout the year, they must be set up with a strong immune system. Do you know where most of our immune system is located? Correct – in the gut. And if we do not properly care for our gut, and rather harm it with inappropriate nourishment, our immune system cannot work effectively to best defend us from pathogens. Moreover, a degenerated gut is not able to extract necessary nutrients and vital substances from our food. That is why, thorough knowledge about food and essential nutrients, which deliver us our required daily energy, must brought into the equation.

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Starter presentation

Do you have the desire to eat healthily, but argue that healthy food doesn’t taste good? How can you enjoy yummy food and eat healthfully at the same time? Do you want to incorporate healthier eating habits in your company’s everyday life, but you don’t know how? NIARIA’s starter presentation “Health kicks for a sparkling sexy you” shows you, how small changes can have big impacts on our health – because prevention is better than cure! The starter presentation gives first impulses in order to question our eating habits and familiarize us with clever choices.



There is a 30 or 60 minutes presentation available. More information upon request!

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Further workshops

Do you want to know why and how certain nutrients in our foods impact our health? NIARIA offers you the following workshops:

Sweet sin or sweet poison?

Who hasn’t heard the well-intentioned advice to eat dextrose before an exam? Or who is familiar with sugar cravings? Is brown sugar healthier than white? Sugar is nowadays omnipresent – both visible and invisible. We consume it while unaware. But what does sugar do? How does it affect our bodies? And why are there increasing cases of diabetes in the western countries? We get to the bottom of these issues and pose further questions in the sugar-workshop – and this evokes numerous enlightments or “Ah hah!“moments.

Workshop contents

    • Why does refined sugar make us sick?

    • Sugar traps – how much sugar do we actually eat and in which foods are they hidden?

    • Brown sugar, cane sugar, artificial sweeteners – what’s really behind them?

    • Alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners


Does fat make us fat?

Do you still wonder whether margarine or butter is the better choice? Do you choose light products for the slim line? Have you gone on a series of diets? And does fat really make us fat? It is a topic we face in our daily lives, yet we know too little about it. It’s high time to inform ourselves about it in greater depths. In the fat-workshop, we explore the different types of fats and replace popular myths with solid know-how. This way, we can move through our daily lives a little bit better and a little bit lighter.

Workshop contents

    • Why does the human body need fat?

    • Are there good and bad fats?

    • Which fats/oils are appropriate for which cases?

    • Instruction to evaluate fats and oils  


Not only for bodybuilder!

Do you think of gym protein powders/bars while thinking of proteins? Or do you imagine bulky men consuming large slabs of meat? In the protein-workshop, we learn that we can build muscle without consuming large quantities of meat and that protein is not limited to bodybuilding. Myths are replaced by solid know-how and a new perspective on proteins in order to prudently nourish our bodies, since we can not exchange our bodies as sport outfits!

Workshop contents

  • Why our body needs proteins

  • How proteins can be optimally absorbed

  • Comparison of animal and plant-based proteins

  • Excess and lack of proteins

  • Overview of good protein sources

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General Workshop Conditions

    • Duration of each workshop: 1,5 hours

    • Number of participants per workshop: max. 10

    • Language: German or English


The workshops are conducted interactively, meaning there is no Power Point presentation. Instead, the participants are encouraged to actively take part via group activities to learn more efficiently. Demonstration material reinforce workshop content. A quiz resumes after the presented content and handouts are provided for the purpose of review. While the workshops take place, your company is required to provide a room, a flip-chart and two pin- or magnetboards.


Each workshop is individually bookable. Factor in that a discount is provided, if the entire workshop-set of three is booked.

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