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How about using a team event for your employees to not only strengthen their team spirit, but also to ensure their health in the long run? 

You can kill two birds with one stone with my EAT & LEARN program

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According to Maxwell Maltz, changing a habit needs about 21 days. Whether this theory is correct or not is hotly debated. But it is undeniable that more can be achieved through a longerterm program than through a one-off action.
Through a repetitive action, what you have learned is better memorised and also the subconscious is addressed by the repetition. Therefore, does it make sense to run a 3-week program focusing on healthy eating and presenting various healthy foods for different meals via teambuilding events for your employees:


During the healthy breakfast, we discuss which foods we usually have on our breakfast table, and then discuss the foods that are on the table at the healthy breakfast event, and especially those that are not served. First incentives for small changes in the daily food habits are set.


When the healthy lunchtime event is booked, we exchange ideas about how the incentives from the healthy breakfast event were put into practice and what difficulties your employees might have encountered and discuss how to overcome them.


The healthy afternoon snacks event reflects on the breakfast and lunch event and celebrates first successes with healthy, tasty snacks. We also take a look at macronutrients to understand why it makes sense to pay attention to your diet in the long term.

*When booking the full 3-week program, there will also be a follow-up for your employees via WhatsApp for emerging questions on two specific days of the week. This is valid for a time period of three weeks starting one week after the third event has been completed.


The collective experience that your employees enjoy during a teambuilding event at the table while eating healthy meals together is remembered as a positive reminder and motivates them to look after a healthy diet in their everyday lives. In addition to the impulses that I set, your employees gain valuable insights into how other colleagues are already integrating healthy nutrition into their daily lives through the mutual exchange of experiences. In doing so, I act as a moderator, directing the discussions in targeted directions and supplementing them with specialist knowledge. In this way, what has been learned is stored most effectively and for the longest duration, and the common exchange that is in the foreground motivates to continue working on the subject of healthy nutrition beyond the event. Fresh, seasonal organic food is delivered by health-oriented Berlin caterers. If you want your employees to be more engaged, they can learn to prepare their own health beneficial foods via these interactive teambuilding events: DIY, Eat&Learn.

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