Healthy and Delicious: Recipes of a Holistic Nutritionist [English]


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Welcome to the creative kitchen of a holistic nutritionist! The recipes are not only healthy and delicious but also easy to implement and invite you to enjoy – from cooking to eating. The self-created dishes have a Far Eastern influence in many places and are therefore a must for all lovers of Southeast Asian cuisine. But don’t worry about exotic ingredients! There are easily accessible alternatives listed as well.

The recipes are plant-based (though not all vegan) and free from table sugar, meat, gluten, and dairy. The main dishes are organized by protein sources: legumes, tofu, fish & seafood. Of these, there is one curry dish each, two Buddha bowls, and two stir-fry or tapas dishes with additional fresh salad ideas.

The book also features indications for servings, time for preparation, and difficulty, in addition to space for notes at the end of the book, there is also space for notes on each recipe. And last but not least, there are practical ring eyelets for filing and ingredient lists that you can scan for your mobile device for your groceries.

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