Why I Became a Nutritionist in Berlin

I became a passionate nutritionist in Berlin and made my dream come true. Therefore, I was willing to sacrifice my former career.

First, I became a graduate engineer and worked as an engineer for more than three years. After almost 10 years on the technical path, I discovered what I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life.

Today, I am a nutritionist in my own company Niaria – Health Consciousness, and also left a career as culture ambassador in a tech startup behind.

As a culture ambassador, I made sure that my colleagues were happy and productive at work. One way to achieve this was healthy lunches. After these lunches, no one suffered from a food coma and could continue his/her work productively. My goal through Niaria is to share my knowledge as a nutritionist about healthy eating for individuals and for companies.

From my own experience as a Generation-Y child and my work in the startup world, I know how important it is to feel appreciated as an employee by your employer. Companies must understand that employees are the company’s most important asset. And in order to keep them, you have to think outside the box and invest in long-term health and employee satisfaction. The food from the canteen back in my years as an engineer eventually made me reflect on healthy nutrition, and I want to share my knowledge with many other people.

You want to be vital not only at work but also in private life and realize your dreams full of energy, don’t you? This is often difficult in a body with limited health. Most of my customers want to lose a few pounds in order to be able to lead a reasonably normal life. They want to feel good again in their own skin. Often this is also associated with reduced self-esteem. Eating a healthy diet would be a smart step towards a healthy, happy life.

Due to my Vietnamese migration background and my experience abroad, I can bring a lot of culinary expertise with me that enriches my existence as a nutritionist. Vietnamese cuisine is considered a very healthy and light cuisine anyway. Do I have to say more about this?