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Put an end to body shame, blame, and guilt!

How to finally break free from the dieting mentality
as a woman over 30 and feel well in your body.

Free Online Live Training | Monday, April, the 8th | 6pm | 1 hour

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What you will learn in NIARIA’s free online live training:

  • Understanding why diets and calorie charts are useless or even dangerous.
  • Knowing about the one reason that holds you back from your feel-good body.
  • Unlearning unhealthy mindsets ingrained through diet culture and learning how to tackle weight or health problems in a holistic way.

I’m Linh,

born and raised in a Vietnamese family in Berlin. After my initial career as an engineer, I sensed a rising call to help people becoming healthier and happier.

Growing up with Vietnamese food since childhood and observing people around me struggling with health conditions while eating and living according to the Western lifestyle, I could spot some remarkable differences. I firmly believe that health is in our hands and I’m happy to provide you with the tools to access the resources at your hand.

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