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Healthy nutrition not only for your slim line

– healthy nutrition easily and efficiently learned in this online coaching –

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Would you like to tackle the “healthy eating” project that you have been putting off for so long and finally feel fitter and happier and lose weight at the same time?
In this holistic program, you’ll learn in FIVE steps how easy and delicious it is to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

With the help of refreshing videos, beautifully designed handouts, inspiring recipes, practical help tools and playful quizzes, and with fun and motivation you will become a professional when it comes to questions about healthy eating!

Get 14 days free access to NIARIA's nutrition online coaching

5 exciting steps that can change your life

Step 1 – Mindful Eating Habits: how to make your current eating habits more mindful

Step 2 – Beverages: How much and what do you drink every day?

Step 3 – Nutrients & Co.: which nutrients you need and where you can find them

Step 4 – Anti-Inflammatory Diet: why an anti-inflammatory diet can help

Step 5 – Healthy Lifestyle: treating health in a holistic way from exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management, mindfulness & happiness, body care products to vitamin D

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What you get with this healthy diet online coaching

  • flexible timing: you can go through the program whenever you find time for it
  • practical handling: you can run the program from a browser on your computer or even via an app on your smartphone. No matter where you are – always with you in your pocket
  • all attachments are downloadable and printable to hang
  • refreshing videos: with me as your nutritionist
  • writeable food diary pdf: get to know your body better
  • beautifully designed handouts: leaflets, recipe kits, and brief overviews
  • inspiring recipes: healthy and temptingly delicious food ideas
  • BONUS – practical habit checklists to (digitally) tick off: this is how you implement what you have learned every day
  • BONUS – useful groceries tips: What tips and tricks do you need to consider when doing your groceries?
  • BONUS – live Q&A sessions: once a month I – your nutritionist– answer your questions – you don’t get that with a simple book!

Who this nutrition online coaching program is made for

The nutrition online program is for everyone who
  • wants to eat healthier in the long term and live a healthy lifestyle, preferably with instructions from a nutritionist
  • would not mind to lose weight in the process
  • has already tried a number of diets / nutrition programs / dietary supplements and none of them helped (yo-yo effect)
  • doesn’t want to miss the pleasure of eating yummy food
  • wants to acquire the knowledge and food recommendations independently of time and place


Who should rather ask for a personal nutrition consultation?

  • people who suffer from bloating or other disorders in the digestive tract
  • people suspected of having a food allergy or intolerance
  • people with fungal infections
  • pregnant women
  • women with endometriosis, PCOS, or similar hormonal conditions
  • people with other chronic conditions such as thyroid problems
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How it works

You get the first two steps of the nutrition coaching free of charge for 14 days before you decide to buy. After completing the purchase, the remaining steps will be accessable for another 12 months, though the nutrition program is designed to be doable in only three months. You can even extend access by recommending it to friends, for example. If you are already convinced of the nutrition online coaching program, you can also get immediate access to all steps here. Because it pays to be quick:

  • the introductory price of 249€ applies for this month of June 2022
  • in July the normal price of 299€ becomes valid
  • if your health is particularly important to you, you can also book the additional step “Gut Health” for only 49€. Because your gut is the center of your health. Healthy gut – healthy person!

Does that sound like a fair deal? Then go ahead and register for the course!

Get 14 days free access to NIARIA's nutrition online coaching!

Do you need a different nutrition coaching?

If you need a nutrition consultancy that is tailored to your needs, individual nutrition coaching is the program for you. But if you find it helpful for a diet change to have frequent sessions and a team around you to stay commited to your diet change, nutrition group coaching is even better for you!

Get an individual nutrition coaching or group coaching instead!

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