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You've had enough frustration with your body?

You know that the way you feel in your body right now is not the best way you can feel and you don’t want to be told that you need to accept it since it is “normal at a certain age”.  NIARIA’s individual nutrition coaching is just made for you if you


  • are overweight and don’t feel well in your clothes anymore, breathe heavily when taking the stairs, or even suffer from joint pain
  • are constantly tired or suffer from recurring headache
  • are frustrated with chronic conditions such as yeast infection, problems in the digestive tract (e.g. bloating, diarrhea, constipation), or a diagnosed gastritis
  • might have food intolerances
  • have female health conditions, e.g. endometriosis, or want to lose weight after having given birth to your children
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You have tried so much on your own already?

Have you been working out and still don’t feel quite well in your body? Have you tried different diets without sustainable results? Have you been on medication for some time? NIARIA’s individual coaching helps you if you


  • refuse the idea of being dependent on drugs all the time
  • are tired of counting calories
  • have already tried innumerable diets which led to weight cycling and no longer want a crash diet with frustrating yoyo-effect anymore
  • tried sports, but feel that it’s not sufficient to lose weight
  • are overwhelmed by so much and even conflictive information on the internet about healthy nutrition and don’t want to wrap your head around your diet all day long
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Why this is a life changing nutrition coaching for you

You’ve had enough of your love-hate relationship with food and your innumerable own attempts to go on a healthy diet? Here is why NIARIA’s individual coaching will help you:


  • you will make a holistic and sustainable lifestyle change, i.e. we will also look into your everyday habits (sleep, sports, routines, etc.) and create awareness
  • you will get in touch with your body and feel well in your body
  • you will enjoy what you eat
  • you won’t easily give up with me as your personal guide and motivator for 3.5 months
  • you will receive immeasurable nutrition knowledge for a lifetime, this way you won’t be provided with the fish (the what), but you’ll be taught how to fish (the how and the why), thus you will be autonomous in your sustainably healthy lifestyle by the end of the day
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How this is different to what you've tried before

If you have had previous unsuccessful experiences with diet changes with or without the help of a professional already, here is how NIARIA’s individual nutrition coaching works:


  • you won’t get a standard meal plan but knowledge transfer
  • you won’t experience a one-time consultancy, but a long-term process
  • you will know which foods to swap, which new foods to introduce, and which foods to combine, so you don’t need to miss the pleasure of eating yummy food
  • you will be able to assess foods by their health value and create healthy meals by yourself
  • you will receive tools in the form of beautifully designed handouts like leaflets, recipe kits, brief overviews, inspiring recipes, practical habit checklists to (digitally) tick off, and useful groceries tips
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The Procedure

  1. You start journaling 1-2 weeks upfront and thereafter, we start with a kick-off session, answering a questionnaire to check your status quo. This way, we also get to know each other and find out if we’re a match. There is a consideration time of 48 hours for both parties. You won’t be charged anything if we decide not to continue here.
  2. No later than two weeks after the kick-off session, you’ll receive your first of three nutrition consultancy sessions, going through your personalized food recommendation & info package (approx. 40-50 pages) with additional inspirational recipes and handouts.
  3. In between the main sessions, we will have a quick check-up call every other week, i.e. two calls in between each session or four in total.
  4. Six weeks after a nutrition consultancy session, you will receive the next nutrition consultancy incl. food recommendation & info package, respectively. All sessions are online.
  5. You will have me at your side as your personal motivation coach along your journey for 3.5 months.

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The Pricing: 1930€

There are not only the hours we speak face to face in our nutrition consultancy. Taking the office hours into account, I spend an average of 32 hours per client.

Thank you for understanding how much time and individual care goes into one nutrition session and taking this into consideration for the investment in your long-term health.

  1. Kick-off Session | 90-120 minutes | 1x
  2. Nutrition Consultancy Session | 120 minutes | 3x
  3. Check-up Calls | 20 minutes | 4x
  4. Office Hours | as needed

Total: 8 sessions/calls | 32 average work hours per client | 1930 € |

Good to know

  • one-off payments or monthly installments are possible: 3x 643,33€, 6x 321,67€, or 10x 193€.
  • depending on your situation, an additional session might be useful; each additional session costs 480€ (payment in 2 or 3 installments possible)
  • prices are valid at the time published on this website; they will increase over time without prior announcement
  • all sessions are online. If you wish a live session with me, it’s an additional 60€ per session
  • all prices incl. VAT
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*My service is billed exclusively privately, the health insurance does not cover the costs.


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