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Feel healthy and happy in your body

– professional nutrition consultancy individually tailored to your needs –

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Frustrated with chronic diseases?

I have gone through diverse physical sufferings myself. Academic medicine only knew to treat them by combating symptoms – which worked – but only temporarily. I refused the idea of being dependant on drugs all the time. By changing my diet, I tackled my health issues by their root cause. Since then, I’m more than convinced of the power of foods.

Tired of counting calories?

Many clients who want to lose weight have reported annoying calorie counting, food weighing, meticulous measurement, and disheartening weight cycling as soon as they stopped counting. Let me assure you that focussing on numbers isn’t helpful here for healthy weightloss.
Get an individual nutrition consultancy with me!

A long-term lifestyle change instead of a crash diet!

I don’t lead you into a short-term crash diet with the so-called yoyo effect, but I consider you as an entity and guide you not only into healthy eating habits but also into a holistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I don’t ask you to look at any number, but I rather encourage you to get in touch with your body and feel well in your body.

No standard meal plans, but knowledge transfer and inspiration

With my guidance and food recommendations, you know which foods to swap, which new foods to introduce, and which foods to combine. This way, you are able to assess foods by their health value and create healthy meals by yourself.


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No one-time consultancy, but a long-term process

My nutrition consultancy is content-heavy and is thus carried out in three sessions over a total of three months. Moreover, it takes time for a person to change their eating habits in a sustainable way. For individuals with multiple health issues, more than three sessions could be considerable.

Every food recommendation & info package is tailored to your individual needs

For each hour that we speak face to face in our nutrition consultancy, I spend an average three hours behind the scenes at the desk.

Thank you for understanding how much time and individual care goes into one nutrition session and taking this into consideration for the investment in your long-term health.

The Procedure

  1. We start with a kick-off session, answering a questionnaire to check your status quo. This way, we also get to know each other and see if we feel comfortable working together in a long run. There is a consideration time of 48 hours for both parties. The charge will be refunded if we decide not to continue here.
  2. No later than two weeks after the kick-off session, we have our first of three nutrition consultancy sessions, going through your personalized food recommendation & info package (30 to 40 pages) with additional inspirational recipes and handouts.
  3. Six weeks after a nutrition consultancy session, the next nutrition consultancy incl. food recommendation & info package takes place, respectively. In between the main sessions, we can arrange check-up calls if desired. All sessions are online.

Additional Services

  1. After the main sessions, follow-up sessions of up to 60 minutes are possible.
  2. If you want a nutrition consultancy together with your partner, your partner pays only half the price.
  3. If desired, live sessions in a café of choice are possible when I’m in town.

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The Pricing

  1. Kick-off Session | 90 minutes | 90 € | 1x
  2. Nutrition Consultancy Session | 120 minutes | 120 € | 3x
  3. Office Hours | as needed | 360 € | 3x


Total: 1530 € | payment in installments possible: 1x 90€ + 3x 480€,

all prices incl. VAT

Pricing additional Services

  1. Follow-Up Session | 60 minutes | 90 €
  2. Couple Nutrition Consultancy | +30 minutes per session |

    50% of single price for the partner

  3. Live Nutrition Consultancy in Berlin | +35 € per session

all prices incl. VAT

Hop on a kick-off session for an individual nutrition consultancy with me!

Do you need a different form of nutrition consultancy?

If frequent nutrition consultancy sessions and team power help you stay committed to a diet change, nutrition group coaching is the better alternative for you. But if you look for nutrition recommendations you can follow at your own pace but still have a contact person for nutritional advice, the nutrition oonline coaching program is just right for you.

Get the group coaching or online coaching instead!

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