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Eating healthy and delicious to reclaim your health

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Eating healthy and delicious food and feel well in your body? I show you how enjoying yummy food on a daily basis can have weight loss as a side effect.
Healthy and delicious foods are not mutually exclusive – quite the opposite. The processed products that we find on supermarket shelves nowadays change our taste buds and affect our health. The more natural foods we integrate into our everyday life, the more we return to our natural taste and health.
As a nutritionist and culinary expert with experiences from especially the Vietnamese and Italian cuisine, I can help you find joy in healthy and delicious food and thus do good for your body and your soul at the same time.

Online program – the time flexible

Would you like to learn everything about a healthy diet and lifestyle in an autodicdactic way, independently of time and place?

My online program is the easiest way to a healthier life! You get 14 days free access to the first two modules. Here you can get a little insight into what awaits you in the online program and what special deal you get if you are particularly quick.

More info about NIARIA's online program

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Group coaching – the one with team power

Would you like to regularly stay in touch with peers on your journey in order to hang in there?

If your will power was too often the problematic part on your health journey, profit from the team power! With my group coachings, I’ll provide you with useful recommendations and information for your health journey and your peers can be the crucial puzzle piece that could have been missing in the past.

Make sure to get a spot in my group coaching now and get the one-time-only launch price!

Learn more about NIARIA's group coaching!

Nutrition consultancy – the individual

Do you want to eat healthily and lose weight?

If you choose to be happy by living in a healthy body and losing weight, I will be very happy to help you on that journey of self-care and self-love. I can support you to find the individual healthy diet that you can use to lay an important foundation for yourself and your family. Together, we’ll not only have a look at what and how you eat but also look at your sleeping patterns and physical activities and find ways to optimize your habits in favor of your health. And in doing so, there won’t be standard meal plans, as one might expect. My consultancy shows you in particular WHY you should follow certain recommendations.

Learn more about NIARIA's individual coaching!

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7-Day-Alkaline Cleanse

Do you want to bring your body back to balance?

The modern world we live in, along with our eating habits and lifestyle contributes to a disturbed acid-base-balance in our bodies. If you want to counteract this widespread phenomenon, embark with me on an alkaline week, where I will coach you in corporation with a colleague.

Let me guide you through an alkaline week

A cookbook full of inspirational recipes

Do you want to learn, how delicious healthy food can be?

It’s the ultimate cookbook with sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free recipes. The best part of it: it comes with an Asian touch. You must be a fan of the Asian cuisine. Get an idea of how tasty healthy food is!

Get healthy recipe inspiration from my cookbook
"Healthy and Delicious"

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*My service is billed exclusively privately, the health insurance does not cover the costs.


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