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One might not necessarily be aware of their health conditions yet. If you enable your employees access to appropriate knowledge and means, they will be empowered to take actions on their health situation by themselves. NIARIA’s impulses for a healthy lifestyle deliver tipps on how to improve one’s health through nutrition. I invite you to make them part of your corporate health management. Impulses for a healthy lifestyle can be requested in German or English for groups of up to 50 people. They will be carried out with slides, which can be easily performed online. The duration of each impulse is 60 minutes.

Impulse 1:

Simple Diet Shifts to Boost Productivity

In this impulse for a healthy lifestyle, a series of foods are set in relation. By replacing one food with another, one does neither have to compromise flavourful foods, nor does one have to cut out certain foods from the diet entirely. This impulse for a healthy lifestyle showcases, how cleverly made choices on a daily base can help your employees get the most out of their meals and thus tap their full potential to be most productive at work!

Impulse 2:

Revealing Food Secrets for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

This impulse for a healthy lifestyle reveals some secrets very few people know. Which foods could be a potential cause of harm and should better be minimised in one’s diet? By learning the answer to this question, one certainly rethinks the daily choice of food and stops consuming what degrades our bodies! Let’s start living a healthy lifestyle!

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    Simple Diet Shifts to Boost ProductivityRevealing Food Secrets for a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

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