You've made a great decision for your health!

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Next Steps

The creator of this program ( takes care of the administration and logistics. Thus, you will be sent the booklet, recipes, and supplements by them.
I will be your direct contact person and personal coach for the entire week.


  1. Please send me an email to with your name & address and the consent that I can pass this data to the creator so that the package can be directly delivered to you without detour (otherwise, it would take longer, if it was sent to me first).
  2. I’ll suggest you some time slots for our introductory call and this way, we’ll determine your start date, too.
  3. After the introductory call, I will give you the first instructions a couple of days before the trial week begins.
  4. During the week, I will guide you through every single day.
  5. After the week, we’ll have a final call to discuss your experiences and results.
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