“The week that changes your body. And your mind.”

One week, one goal:
Unlocking your healthier version.

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The modern lifestyle and its toll on our bodies and mind

Do you live at the fast pace of the modern world including its diet? Apart from the fact that the constant background noise has become normal for you, it’s very likely you suffer from suboptimal health conditions that you’re not even aware of.


Slowly but surely, health problems become noticeable that you can no longer ignore because they determine your everyday life. Do you wish you could wear certain clothes (again)? Would you like to look into the mirror without resentment, shame, or disgust? Or would you like the constant chatter and worries in your mind to stop?

What happens in the trial week?

In one week, we will detox your body and get rid of substances that have accumulated in your body for years, while getting to know a change in diet that you haven’t had before.


When I myself went through that week, I unintentionally lost 1.5 kg! Yes, it’s true. Imagine how much it is: 1.5 kg within 7 days is huge, especially for me, who back then weighed only max. 54 kg. I did not expect that but then was convinced of the effectiveness of the method.

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What is the outcome of the trial week?

Experience how powerful food is within one week only! You’ll feel a big difference in your body by the end of the week and get a glimpse of what awaits you in NIARIA’s long-term nutrition coaching. Most importantly: we will have the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know each other every day.

Stop wondering. Start doing.
See the change.

Start your health journey with
NIARIA’s trial week
for only 159€!

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