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It's time to build a healthy relationship with your body!


Not just a weight loss diet but holistic health coaching!

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The life-changing nutrition coaching that can save you time and lessen your suffering within a few months

Have you had enough of your love-hate relationship with food and your body and your innumerable own attempts to go on a healthy diet?


What I have discovered over the course of many YEARS of painful experiences, you can learn within a few MONTHS without committing the same mistakes as me.


Save yourself precious time and unnecessary suffering. This is more than just a nutrition consultation – it’s educational training and coaching that helps you achieve your goal.


  • you will make a holistic and sustainable lifestyle change, i.e. we will look into your everyday habits (sleep, sports, routines, etc.) and create awareness, too
  • you will get in touch with and feel well in your body
  • you will be empowered to take control of your health since you will be able to assess foods by their health value and create healthy meals by yourself without missing the pleasure of eating yummy food
  • you will be able to autonomously sustain your healthy lifestyle since you will be educated and thus won’t be provided with the fish (the what), but you’ll be taught how to fish (the how).  Most importantly, you will understand better WHY you want to do all of this
Want guidance and accountability? Hop on a free discovery call!

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How you can fall in love with your body again without calorie counting or meal plans

If you have had previous unsuccessful experiences with diet changes with or without the help of a professional already, this nutrition coaching helps you stay committed and holds you accountable for your success.

Here is how NIARIA’s nutrition coaching works differently and thus helps you achieve your goal successfully and sustainably:


  • you won’t get a standard meal plan but knowledge transfer so that you can assess foods yourself
  • you won’t experience a one-time consultancy but a long-term coaching so that you stay committed
  • you won’t be alone but be able to share your experiences and successes with like-minded women so that you are heard & seen, find relief, and amplify your joy
  • you won’t give up easily with me as your guide & motivational coach at your side but stay committed so that you will keep a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime
Want guidance and accountability? Hop on a free discovery call!

How NIARIA's 5-step educational training and health coaching can bring back body positivity

This holistic nutrition coaching helps you become more disciplined with your diet but leaves you room for flexibility at the same time. And with these characteristics – discipline along with flexibility – NIARIA’s health coaching is also built up.


  • We start with an individual analysis, answering a questionnaire to learn about your current situation.
  • You will get flexible access to the academy for an unlimited time. The chapters are unlocked one after another. They are also practically accessible via an app from your smartphone.
  • The academy includes videos and downloadable handouts (strategy plan, food & mood journal, motivation tools, weekly habit tracker, meal kits, inspiring recipes, and memory hooks).
  • You can attend weekly open live calls, where I will walk you through the content, answer your questions, check your progress, and most of all, I hold you accountable and you can share your experiences & successes in a safe, trustful environment with other women. In case of unanswered questions in a live call, you’ll get extra email support.
  • Apart from the individual analysis, you will have two individual 1:1 consultation calls with me to discuss your specific topics in private and a closing call.
  • All sessions are online.
Want guidance and accountability? Hop on a free discovery call!

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Be part of NIARIA's health guardians' community

Being surrounded by other female expats with the same challenges and health goals and mindset helps you stay committed.


  • if you have wanted a diet and lifestyle change for so long but had a hard time doing it on your own, NIARIA’s health guardians’ community can boost your motivation
  • you will hear similar stories, so you don’t feel all alone anymore
  • you will be among like-minded women only, so you don’t have to be afraid of being judged
  • you don’t have to be ashamed because no man will have access and see you in this closed women-only environment
Want guidance and accountability? Hop on a free discovery call!

Valuable Bonuses

And that’s not yet all! On top of the coaching with


  • 1 individual analysis
  • 2 individual consultation calls
  • 1 closing call
  • unlimited access to the masterclass
  • 12+12 weekly live calls (you can book additional live calls after the coaching period)


you’ll additionally receive


  • NIARIA’s physical cookbook with inspiring recipes for free
  • unlimited access to the mini-course “Gut Health” – the center of our immune system
  • unlimited membership in NIARIA’s health guardians’ community to be able to exchange with other women in between the live calls and beyond the coaching period
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It's time to build a healthy relationship with your body!

Prioritize your health over material goods and give yourself the chance to feel good in your body!

Want guidance and accountability? Hop on a free discovery call!

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*My service is billed exclusively privately, the health insurance does not cover the costs.


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